Ebros Norse Viking Mythology Poetic Edda Goddess Valkyrie Bust Statue 11" Tall Odin's Iron Maiden Chooser of The Slain Decorative Figurine

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• This Viking Goddess Valkyrie Bust Statue stands at 11" tall, 8" long and 5" deep approximately.
• This Viking Goddess Valkyrie Bust Statue is made of designer composite resin mixed with bronze powder, hand painted and polished individually.
• A Valkyrie is a female helping spirit of the god Odin. They are elegant, noble maidens bearing dead heroes to Valhalla. They are choosers of the slain, assisting Odin in transporting his favorites among those slain in battle to Valhalla, where they will fight by his side during Ragnarok.
• The Goddess Valkyrie is depicted as a dainty beautiful female warrior full of pride and honor in this sculpture. This Bust Of Valkyrie goes great with her counterparts; Odin, Thor, Loki and Others in the same series. She makes perfect altar statues as well as elegant sculpture for any room!
• This is an Atlantic Collectibles exclusive collection.

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