Ebros Norse Mythology Viking Alfather Odin God Of Asgard 7oz Resin Wine Goblet Chalice With Stainless Steel Liner Asgardian Ruler Thor Loki Frigga Royal Gods Family Celtic Knotwork Base



• This goblet is made of fine polyresin and stainless steel, hand painted and polished.
• It measures 7" Tall and about 3.25" in diameter at the top and 2.5" diameter at the base of the chalice.
• Drink in style with this Norse Mythology theme goblet. Handwash only. Goblet capacity is 7 ounces. Needing an exotic party decoration? This goblet will do the job fine with asgardian symbols around the base and throughout the goblet. This goblet is made of resin, hand painted and polished graced with a stainless steel liner for safe drinking. This goblet will surely be a centerpiece for any party as well as a great icebreaker!!!
• Odin is the chief god of Germanic mythology, the Alfather. With the threat of Ragnarok, the death of all gods, Odin built the Valhalla, a great hall of the "heroic dead". Odin would then gather heroes and warriors who were slain in battle, and bring them to Valhalla so they would fight alongside the gods on the Vigrid plain, in an attempt to strengthen and save the gods in the final battle against the frost giants at the time of Ragnarok.

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