New In: September Favorite Picks

Here's a list of our favorite picks of the new items on Ebros Gift this month. Wether you're looking for a new piece for your room or simply just gift shopping, we got you covered!

jizo, stone, japan, small

$ 12.99 | Shop here

Antique inspired with aged details, his small size makes him the perfect addition to any small space or nook. Jizo is one of the most beloved bodhisattvas in Japan, a protector of travelers and small children. This happy little Jizo statue can go just about anywhere, especially on your desk, shelf or a windowsill.

Adorable Feline Tabby Striped Fat Cat Kitten Figurine 4"H Miniature Lucky Cats

$ 17.99 | Shop here

Smol, round and just too cute not to get! Trust us, this cat figure has life-like detailing, smooth fur pattern, big eyes made of glass, and warm oatmeal color to add even more cuteness. His expression is also on point, and perfect paint job on these too! Get it to decor your work desk, stress-relieved guaranteed. 

ganesha incense burner gold indian pretty beautiful

$ 14.99 | Shop here

This gold Ganesha incense burner is a stunner. Comes in a right size with perfect grip weight, not too light for that matter. Take a closer look to the work of design, the immaculate design on the base, and a lotus flower at the center to place the incense.  The base also works as a tray so don't worry about the ash! Perfect one for a boho styled room and space

Mermaid Mergirl Ariel Sitting On Rock By Corals Mini Decorative Box Figurine

$13.99 | Shop here 

The mermaid box is made of polyresin, hand-painted, and polished individually. This is a decorative box for keepsakes, jewelry and other knick-knacks. Featuring a petite yet pretty mermaid in the middle of the lid, sitting gracefuly above beautiful colorful corals and pretty blue ocean. Jewelry box is a great gift idea for mermaid lovers or any collector of decorative fantasy style art.

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