5  Purrfect Cat Gifts For Your BFFs!

Cats definitely rule everything around us. You scroll through Twitter, there’s cat, you chat with your friend, there goes cat GIFS. THEY ARE LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. They own the ‘net. And we all got that one friend who’s obsessed with cats do we? Ahead, 5 gifts to get for that crazy cat person in your life!

tabby cat ceramic mug

Orange Tabby Cat Mug with With Kitten Latch On Spoon | $15,99

What’s better than drinking your favorite hot milk on a cloudy day? Drink it from this cute ceramic mug! Especially, when this mug also comes with a cute little spoon. It’s perfect for gift giving or better yet, a little gift for yourself!

kitten measure cups

Does your friend like to bake? Then this stack of measuring cups is the one! Comes in a set of four, black and white kittens are ready to accompany to bake or cook. When not in use, stack them up and use it as a decoration for the kitchen table top. They will appear as if they are hiding from you! 

kitten statue

Small Kittens Trio Statue | $11.99

Bring some vintage feels to their space, get this trio kittens statue! Made of polyresin, hand painted and polished individually. An orange tabby, tuxedo black white and grey short hair kittens sit side by side patiently waiting for their master! Charming and adorable, comes with textures on their bodies for a realistic feel. This piece truly will charm your BFF in no time!

rat disguise as cat

Rat Disguising As A Tabby Cat Statue | $ 17,99

Now where else could you find a rat...disguising as a cat? And….why? We don’t know! But this confusing little statue is fun to give to friends and family. Now they may think they don’t want anything special for their birthday, but who can resist this little peculiar buddy? This sneaky rat mouse hides from plain sight within a cat's costume. With such an effective disguise, it can be placed among other cat collectibles undetected. Perhaps with this disguise, all rats can have their cheeses without being meals themselves!

Egyptian Bastet Cat Skull with Pointy Ears Resin Collectible Home Decor

Now your friend might already own a cute cat, but they surely can’t afford to own a mythical feline from ancient egypt centuries ago. Which is why, this bastet skull would be fun to throw in! This oddities skull makes a unique addition to their home or just in time for Halloween and serves as a cool gift.

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