Ebros Rustic Nature Wildlife Faux Wood Swooping American Bald Eagle Round Decorative Trinket Jewelry Box Figurine 4" Wide Patriotic Emblem of The USA Cabin Lodge Western Home Decor Accent

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• This Rustic Swooping Bald Eagle Jewelry Box measures approximately 4.25" in diameter and 2.5" tall. The box is 1.5" deep. It weighs about 11 ounces.
• This Rustic Swooping Bald Eagle Jewelry Box is made of designer polyresin, individually hand painted and polished in woodlike finish. The artists paint these resin boxes to look like wood. Wood products need to be moisturized but with this process over resin, you do not need any care to keep the box functional for a very long time. The box will always look new with occasional dusting and wiping with a damp cloth.
• Look for a rustic and exotic jewelry holder or other knick knack holder? This rounded faux wood resin box will do the job perfectly!!! On its lid surface is a carving of a swooping bald eagle in the air by tall pine trees. The texture of the base is made like that of a tree bark, coarse to the touch. This adds a touch of nature and rustic feel to the figurine.
• This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection. Jewelry in pictures not included with the listing.