Ebros Rainforest Green Tree Frog Wine Bottle Holder Caddy Figurine 10.25" Long

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• This Green Tree Frog Wine Holder stands at 7.25" tall, 10.25" long and 5.25" deep approximately. It weighs about 2.25 pounds.
• This Green Frog Wine Holder is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. Add some Flair and style to your wine bar collection with this high quality wine bottle holder. We are proud to carry the most extensive collection of wine bottle holders/racks in our Ebros Gift exclusive brand.
• This adorable frog is on his back propping your favorite vintage on his hands and feet to enjoy his drink of the day! Frogs are by nature nocturnal creatures so while you sleep, he might just finish off your wine! He is the perfect sculpture to decorate your kitchen, bar countertop, side table or what have you!
• This Green Frog Wine Holder is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.