Ebros Pretty Girl Fairy in Winter Evening Gown Clothing Shelf Sitter Figurine

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• This Whimsical Pretty Girl Fairy Shelf Sitter Figurine is approximately 4" tall and 3.25" long and 2.25" deep. The sculpture weighs about 3 ounces.
• This Whimsical Pretty Girl Fairy Shelf Sitter Figurine is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished. Color Tone may vary slightly from the pictures. It is designed to be a shelf edge decoration. For extra safety, we recommend applying double sided tape to the base of the fairy's dress (not included).
• A beautiful girl fairy sits on the edge of a ledge by her mansion, hands cupped under her chin while thinking of her Prince Charming over the horizons. It is a cold winter day and she is dressed with long sleeved gloves, winter hat and dress all in the theme of love and winter; purple and pink! Even her wings match the colors of her outfit!
• This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection. It comes with our Ebros Gift Satisfaction Guarantee when sold by Ebros Gift. Props in photos are not included with the item.