Ebros Amy Brown Warmth Comfort Blue Fairy Hugging Tea Cup Statue 4.25"H Fantasy

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• This beautiful Amy Brown Tea Cup Fairy figurine measures 4.25" tall, 5.25" wide and 3.5" deep approximately. It weighs about 9 ounces.
• This beautiful Amy Brown Tea Cup Fairy figurine is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually.
• This adorable figurine features a pixie and her favorite warm beverage! Designed by well-known artist Amy Brown, the statue portrays a fairy with blue hair and wings, and a matching indigo dress, holding onto a warm mug. Placed on a coffee table, your guests will do a double-take upon seeing this unique decoration!
• This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection. It comes with our Ebros Gift Satisfaction Guarantee when sold by Ebros Gift. Props in photo are not included with the item.