Ebros Aluminum Metal Belenos Celestial Solar Radiant Celtic Sun God Wall Hanging Decor 36.25" Diameter Figurine Home Decorative Rising Sun Face Plaque 3D Art Belenus The Shining God Sculpture

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• This Large Celtic Belenos Sun God Wall Plaque is 36.25" in diameter and 3.5" thick approximately. The wall decor weighs about 10.75 pounds.
• This Large Celtic Belenos Sun God Wall Plaque is made of aluminum metal, individually hand crafted, painted and polished. Color Tone may vary slightly from pictures.
• This item depicts the famous Celtic Sun God Belenos. Called the "Fair Shining One" (or "The Shining God"), he was one of the most ancient and most-widely worshiped Celtic deities and is associated with the ancient fire festival and modern Sabbat Beltane. Belenos is amazingly detailed in black and bronze colors and will make a great addition to any home decor indoors or outdoors.
• This Celtic Belenos Sun God Wall Plaque is an Ebros Gift collection. Coke can and props placed next to the wall decor is not included with the listing. They are meant to provide size perspective of the item.