Ebros 18.25" Tall Large Aluminum Whimsical Bookworm Papa Bear with Glasses Sitting by Forest Tree Outpost Garden Lantern Statue Rustic Wildlife Western Cabin Lodge Bears Decor Figurine

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• This Bookworm Bear Reading A Book By Tree Trunk Lantern Outpost Statue is made of the highest quality aluminum, hand painted and polished individually.
• This Bookworm Bear Reading A Book By Tree Trunk Lantern Outpost Statue measures 18.25" tall, 17.25" wide and 15.5" deep approximately. The sturdy statue weighs about 10 pounds.
• Bears have long held human interest, as they symbolize both the seemingly contradictory qualities of primal power and nurturance. Our collection of bear sculptures and statues includes the black bears, grizzly bears, brown bears and polar bears that roam the wilds of North America. Amazingly talented sculptors have recreated these wild and wonderful animals with realistic, lifelike details.
• This wonderfully adorable garden statue features a bear studiously reading a book by candle light, via a candle lantern hanging on the tree beside him. Made of cast aluminum, the statue features a brown enamel finish that gives it the look of aged bronze. The lantern is meant to use votive candles, about 2 inches tall, 1 1/2 inches in diameter
• This is an Ebros exclusive collection. Coke can and props placed next to the statue is not included with the listing. They are meant to provide size perspective of the item.