Black African Rhinoceros Bust Statue 7.5"H Rhino Monolith Bronze Electroplated

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* This Monolith Rhino Statue On Pedestal Base is made of the highest quality resin, undergoing the process of bronze electroplating giving it a uniform shine on the inside as well as the surface of the figurine. This process makes the figurine resemble the look of actual bronze but with much lesser weight.
* The Rhino figurine part measures at 5" tall, 5.25" long and 3" deep. The base measures 3" long, 2.5" deep and 2.75" tall.
* The Safari Savannah grassland wildlife comes to life in your room with this rhino bust statue. Sculpted and designed with realistic definition, we showcase the beauty and wonder of this evolved prehistoric beast.
* They make wonderful gifts and decorations for nature lovers, hunters and zoologists!!!
* This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.