Ebros Gift Hindu Goddess Of Fertility Loyalty & Love Sita Decorative Figurine 9.5"H

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• This sculpture is 9.5" tall, 3" wide and 3" deep approximately.
• Made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually.
• Because each piece is handcrafted, color tone may vary slightly from pictures.
• Sita, also known as Siya, Vaidehi, Janaki, Maithili, or Bhoomija, is the central female character of the Hindu epic Ramayana and daughter of King Janaka of Videha and his wife queen Sunaina. She is consort of Hindu god Rama(avatar of Vishnu) and is an avatar of Lakshmi(Adi Shakti of Lord Vishnu), goddess of wealth and wife of Vishnu. She is esteemed as a paragon of spousal and feminine virtues for all Hindu women. Sita is known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage and purity.