Ebros Drunken Beverage Spirit Dragon Statue 7.75" Tall Medieval Renaissance Fantasy Decor Figurine (Whiskey Dragon)

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• This Whiskey Drunken Spirit Dragon Statue is approximately 6" tall and 4.5" long and 4" deep. It weighs about 13 ounces.
• This Whiskey Drunken Spirit Dragon Statue is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. Color Tone may vary slightly from pictures.
• This is a gorgeous and stunning piece of art. Our sculptors and painters have done an excellent job in creating great details to the sculpture masterminded by creator artist Stanley Morrison. Artist Stanley Morrison envisions there is a dragon spirit in every fancy beverage that adults drink.
• For some, whiskey is the way to go. This dragon agrees! The little beast has blue and tan scales and wings, and he crouches in a whiskey glass, partially submerged in what's left of the drink. It's a fun and cute way to bring a touch of fantasy to your decor!
• This is an Ebros exclusive collection. Coke can placed next to the statue is not included with the listing. It is meant to provide size perspective of the item.