Crouching Dragon By Turquoise Crystal Pool Quarry Cigarette Ashtray Statue Decor

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* This Crouching Dragon Ashtray is made of polyresin, hand painted and polished individually.
* This Crouching Dragon Ashtray measures 3.25" Tall, 5 3/8" long and 4" wide approximately. It weighs about 11 ounces.
* This dragon is at rest but its guard is not down. You can hear occasional growls and hisses as it coils its body around the crystal quarry. It will only allow ashes from cigarettes/cigars to enter its quarry to recharge itself for its next fireball. The ashtray features a semi metallic grey dragon by a pool of turquoise waters, hiding a cove of endless sparkling crystals and quartz.
* This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.