Ebros 7-Inch-by-14-Inch Rustic Country Wood Our Family Rules Wall Art Wooden Sign Decor for Kitchen House and Bathroom Walls Vintage Hanging Plaque Reminder Signs Set of 3

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* This Family Rules 14” by 7” pieces will look great in any room, the Earth-tone colors makes them blend practically with any background colors.
* The Family Rules Signs are Poster print laminated on 1/2 inch wood to create a rustic look and feel. They are sold as a set of 3 as pictured. Use indoors or in covered patios only.
* Add a touch of style to your home while reminding every member on the very basics to keep the house in order... These signs are wonderful tools for busy moms who need extra help from their kids, dads and other family members who may come to visit. These housekeeping signs are designated for the kitchen, bathroom and the home in general.
* The best part of all is that you do not need to feel uncomfortable telling your loved ones to pick up after themselves! The signs say it all! Place on your walls where they are most visited and visible; like by the kitchen fridge, bathroom wall switch sections, home entrance or what have you!
* This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.