Catholic Archangel Saint Michael Slaying Lucifer Statue Patron of Holy Eucharist

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* This Archangel Saint Michael Defeat Satan Statue measures 4 7/8" tall, 2 1/3" wide and 1.5" deep approximately.
* This Archangel Saint Michael Defeat Satan Statue is made of high quality designer resin, individually handpainted and polished. Because each piece is partially hand crafted, color tone may vary from pictures.
* St. Michael the Archangel is one of seven archangels and the prince of the angelic armies of heaven. One of the most popular ways of showing devotion to this powerful warrior is with St. Michael the Archangel Patron Saint Statues. In the New Testament St. Michael the Archangel leads God's army against Satan's forces. During the war in heaven he defeats Satan, thus he is often depicted crushing Satan's head with his foot. He is patron saint of the Catholic Church along with many other causes.
* This Saint Michael Statue is an Atlantic Collectibles exclusive collection.