Ebros Ivory Painted Greek Orthodox Christian Church Archangel of The Angelic Council Statue 5" Tall Figurine (The Angelic Council 7 Archangels Set)

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* These Detailed Seven Archangel Figurines measure 4.75" tall, 2 1/3" wide and 1.5" deep approximately each.
* They are made of high quality designer resin, individually handpainted and polished in ivory finish. Because each piece is partially hand crafted, color tone may vary from pictures.
* Collect these archangels as a reminder of their protection over your life and the confirmation that God is always with you.
* This is for a set of 7 archangels: Jegudiel, Uriel, Barachiel, Sealtiel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael.
* These seven archangels set is an Atlantic Collectibles exclusive collection.