Ebros American Pride Bald Eagle Wine Bottle Holder Figurine 11.25" Long As Patriotic Eagles Home Party Hosting Accessory Decor

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• This Patriotic Bald Eagle Wine Holder measures 8.25" tall, 11.25" long and 5.25" deep approximately.
• This Patriotic Bald Eagle Wine Holder is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished. Color tone may vary
• This Patriotic Bald Eagle Wine Holder makes a great centerpiece for your wine cellar or your dining table!!! Give it away as a gift to a loved one too!!!
• This Bald Eagle statue does double duty as a charming wine bottle holder! Every inch of this stunning sculpture is a tribute to the artist's craft, from the breathtaking realistic eagle head to the tail that holds the wine bottle. This one-of-a-kind bar accessory is certain to attract attention and admiration at your next party or family get-together!
• This is an Ebros exclusive collection. Coke can placed next to the statue is not included with the listing. It is meant to provide size perspective of the item.