Meditation Of Buddha Lotus Flower Blossom Multiple Incense Sticks Holder Burner Figurine

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This well made incense burner is made of polyresin, individually hand painted and polished.
It measures 2.75" tall and 4.75" in diameter approximately.
It will make a wonderful incense holder in your room!!! Incense sticks not included.
The lotus (padme) is an important symbol in Tibetan Buddhism and is commonly associated with the process of becoming a buddha. In Tibetan Buddhist iconography, buddhas are often seated on lotus thrones, indicating their transcendent state. A lotus is born in the muck and mud at the bottom of a swamp, but when it emerges on the surface of the water and opens its petals, a beautiful flower appears, unstained by the mud from which it arose.
Looking for a peaceful decor for your shelves, tables, office furniture or what have you? Display several of this incense burner and load them up with incense sticks to fill your room with aromas of your choice. We sell many different scents of incense separately in our store.