Ebros Gift White Maneki Neko Cat Reusable Training Chopsticks With Animated Food Safe Silicone Helper Hinge Guide With Matching Spoon And Fork Set For Sushi Noodles Rice For Adults And Kids Cute Gifts

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• This beautiful pair of training chopsticks set measures 8.75" Long, and the accompanying spoon and fork measures 6.5" Long each.
• This beautiful pair of training chopsticks with spoon and fork set is made in a state of the art factory in China. They are BPA Free and FDA approved. They are made of premium high quality melamine (chopsticks, fork and spoon) and silicone (animated guide). Do not microwave. Dishwasher Safe.
• This beautiful pair of chopsticks with matching spoon and fork is soft(silicone guide part), food safe, reusable, fun and decorative! They are perfect for anyone trying to pick up food with chopsticks, with the silicone guide steadying your hands and fingers to 'pick' with the chopsticks. As you build your coordination over time, you will be able to transition into using the chopsticks without the silicone guide hinge.
• These training chopsticks should only be used only for kids over the age of 3. This chopsticks spoon and fork set makes the perfect gift for your little ones or even grown ups! Whether it be for birthdays, housewarming, thanksgiving, Christmas or any occasion, this gift set will bring plenty of smiles to the recipients!
• This product set is an Ebros exclusive collection. It comes with our Ebros Gift Satisfaction Guarantee when sold by Ebros Gift. The decorative sushi in the photo is not included with the listing.