Ebros Steampunk Elephant Wine Bottle Holder Figurine 9" L with Painted Gearwork

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• This Steampunk Elephant Wine Holder measures 5.75" tall, 9" long and 4.5" deep approximately. It weighs about 2.5 pounds.
• This Steampunk Elephant Wine Holder is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. Color tone may vary slightly from pictures.
• This Steampunk Elephant Wine Holder makes a great centerpiece for your wine cellar or your dining table!!! Give it away as a gift to a loved one too!!!
• This Steampunk Elephant Sculpture does double duty as a rustic wine bottle holder! Every inch of this stunning sculpture is a tribute to the artist's craft, from the breathtaking realistic majestic elephant head to its feet. To add to the robust elephant features, the sculpture is painted and sculpted with with realistic looking gears, pipeline valves,industrial clock gimmicks and more! The silver coating paint base gives the elephant a more realistic cyborg/robotic steampunk theme.
• This is an Ebros exclusive collection. Coke can and props placed next to the statue are not included with the listing. They are meant to provide size perspective of the item.

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