Ebros Greek Titan God Atlas Bearing Globe Decorative Prop Walking Cane 39"H

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• This Greek God Atlas Carrying Globe Decorative Walking Cane measures approximately 38.5" Tall and the Cobra cane handle is 3.25" wide and 3" deep. The cane weighs about 1.75 pounds.
• This Greek God Atlas Carrying Globe Decorative Walking Cane is Made of composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. This cane is an accessory/for decorative show purpose. It is not a medically approved cane to support weight. Does not support weight of a person over 145 lbs.
• The ultra cool swagger cane takes the form of a Greek God Atlas Bearing a Globe on his back. He is hand painted and finished in bronze color, making him an upscale swagger cane for your next party!
• This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection. It comes with our Ebros Gift Satisfaction Guarantee when sold by Ebros Gift.

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